Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sex Toys... because girls love to play

So your relationship is wonderful, I know. And your sex life is spectacular, I know. But girls love to play and there are strange and exciting toys out there, prettynized for girls like us....

Pocket sized vibrators are available everywhere and they are perfect to take with you anywhere, because you never know when temptation might hit. Whether they are just small and packable, disguised or tripped out, no girl should be without one. The ChikStik, for example, is hidden as a pretty girlly lipstick and if it accidentally falls out of your bag during a big business meeting, no worries, your boss won't even notice it.
Is penetration not your thing? then maybe you would be more interested in the butterfly vibrator (although butterfly is misleading, as they come in a variety of animals lately). The butterfly vibrator fits over the clitoris and straps to your thighs or hips for a snug fit, almost like a g-string with an inbuilt stimulator. Looking at another long train ride or boring airplane trip? Why not spice it up with a little animal pleasure?

But you are not someone who enjoys lonely pleasure too much? No problem, share with your partner... simultaneously! A dual penetration vibrator with double clitoris stimulation is just the thing for the two of you. And it comes in various colours and could double as an abstract work of art should your mother come to visit unexpectedly.

Don't worry however if you are a hands-free kind of gal. You are not alone and there are a few beautiful lezzies out there who prefers to use their dexterous digits for other things while making sure that no part of their partners are neglected. And there is no reason why we shouldn't be stylish while being orgasmic. Bright pink is just the thing to brighten up your bedroom while making your partner scream...

A few more interesting toys out there? Why not try your very own silicone finger? It is bendable, flexable, penetratable and you can leave it happily on your sideboard without most people realising what your interesting statue is.

On the other hand, for the odd man in your life, there is always the ever popular blow up sheep, if you are lonely and need someone to love ewe....

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