Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Breast Binding

Breast biding is the act of reducing visible breast size in women. The binding of breasts also create a male-appearance.

Materials used in binding methods are cloth strips, elastic or non-elastic bandage, purpose-built undergarments or simply layering of shirts. (to the left is an example of a specialised breast binding top)

It is said that Joan of Arc used breast binding to pass as male in a male-dominated society and in order to be accepted in society.

Even Japanese kimonos can be considered an elaborate style of binding. Catholic nuns, up until the 1930’s, were required by the church to wear linen breast binding under their robes and vestments. The church claimed that this reduced the distraction the breast might be causing in the cloister.

Binding can however cause some pain and discomfort. Some methods of binding can cause discomfort, sweatiness or pain. It can also be restrictive to movement or even breathing if bound too tightly. It is important to note that if it hurts, cuts your skin or even hinders your breathing it is too tight and must be loosened.

Material that doesn’t breath or traps sweat against the skin can cause sores or rashes on the skin. Corn starch applied to the skin before binding can help with this. A method that is also successful is to wear a thin cotton undershirt (that absorbs the sweat) under the binding material. Always allow your skin time to breath in between binding.

Do not use tape to bind, especially directly on your skin, as this can cut your skin, cause rashes or even pull layers of skin off when removed.

Some binders might even roll up in certain areas, particularly around the waist. Sewing an extra length of fabric around the bottom of the binder will make it possible for the binder to be tucked into your pants.

Should you experience areas of chaffing or bulging around the armpit you might want to trim or alter the area.

Some women prefer not to wear any type of binding device, especially if they have very small breasts. You might also just need a day off to allow your breasts to breath.

Wearing tight fitting sleeveless undershirts or sports bras as a bottom layer will keep the breasts from moving around. Then a loose t-shirt (or sometimes even two) are worn over that.

Each following layer is looser than the one underneath and button down shirts can be used to disguise feminine body features, such as hips and narrow shoulders.

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Billy King - A Dyke in Kings Clothing said...

I like this little section. I bind whenever I do drag and prefer wide pressure bandages. I have worn them up to 8 hours at a time. They do take some time to put on at times. Its really important to make sure that you are comfortable. The first time I did my bindings they rolled down bellow my breats and gave me some pretty bruises. So take your time when binding and do it right!