Thursday, 4 October 2007

We have a date...

We finally set a date for our upcoming nuptials. 9 October 2007. I better remember this, because I'll be in huge trouble if I forget our 1st wedding anniversary.

It was relatively easy in the end to get a date and here is how you do it:-

1. Take your id documents and go to Home Affairs with your partner.
2. Set up a date with the marriage officer (we went to Edenvale and had a date and time set within half an hour).
3. Get an application for a marriage license from the enquiries counter.
4. Attend at Home Affairs on your chosen day with your partner, two witnesses, two passport photos and your identity documents.

Easy peasy. We are taking our best friend and a friend we met online as witnesses. (No family will be attending, because it sadly seems that family are less than happy to celebrate our little "marriage")

We are however very excited and cannot wait to be pronounced wife and wife

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