Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Heavy Metal..... which piercing makes your boat float?

It is a well known fact that us "lezzies" are free spirited, happy to experiment and easily the most intelligent people in the world. One of the ways I prefer to reflect my rebellion against the normality of life are piercings and tattoos. And there is a huge variety out there. It seems that you can pierce just about anything on your body (or at least attempt to).

I have a tongue piercing and my girlfriend swears it makes a difference when giving oral (apparently in a good way). Having it done was not as painful as I thought it would be (my piercer did it without any local anesthetic), but the after effects were much worse than I expected. Your tongue swells up every morning and when you wake up you can barely move it and it stays swollen until mid-afternoon. But if you are willing to wait it out, it is a wonderful piercing to have. I love mine and I have actually found out that when I remove it I talk with a lisp. Imagine that.

My piercing gone wrong was a hand-web piercing (which I still think is brilliant but Sonia refuses to let me retry).
It is a very difficult piercing to keep hygienic, since you have a habit to touch stuff. Mine was going well until we had to move from our townhouse. The post-move clean out was horrific and that same night my hand swelled to twice its size (I ended up in hospital where they had to cut the ring with pliers to remove it from my hand).

(this is my piercing the day it was done)

You can also pierce your ear just about anywhere. I have pierced my tragus, but there are various other places for your earrings to be paraded. (Warning!! any piercing in cartledge hurts like a bitch and hurts like that very same bitch for a while).

Some more piercings that might tickle your fancy are multiple tongue piercings, anchorings in various body parts (in the below photo on the neck which definitely tickles my fancy) and nipple piercings (which super duper tickles my and my girlfriend's fancies). I decided to leave out the genital piercings, because while this blog is not rated we do not want blogger to kick me off :-)

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