Thursday, 12 July 2007


Believed by the ignorant and sometimes, sadly, not so ignorant heteros out there. Some of this might sound absolutely ridiculous and some might actually hit close to home (we’ve associated with a few ourselves).

And yes, we know (as such wonderful creatures ourselves) that us lezzies (and women in general) are ultimately the most individual people out there, but these are some of the myths (and to some of us quasi realities) that are believed out there…

Myth #1

Lesbians wear mens flannel shirts (fuck you very much 90’s). There are few among us who did not go through the 90’s in our torn denims and flannel shirts banging happily along with Nirvana, but now it has turned into a general myth that lesbians wear flannel shirts. Big, unshapely, loose flannel shirts. True? Well… sometimes.

Myth #2

Lesbians were construction worker boots, with various variations of combat boots, hiking boots (and I am sure to the ignorant out there, Doc Martins). Each of which me and my partner has. The funky type, although the new lezzie stereotype are Shane-nising in their Converse or Allstars.

Myth #3

All of us have short nails, so as not too tear our poor partners apart during our non-hetero sex like acts. How sad is that for a function, because some of actually do get dressed up for those theatre nights or gala evenings. And some of us are just pure femme, so if you are a lipstick, please skip this paragraph as some poor souls seem to be very mistaken.

Myth #4

Lesbians cut their hair short. I mean really, have any of you seen any straight girls out there with short hair? This is not excluding the mullet-dyke stereotype. Lately the trend seems to edge towards the bed-head or Mohawks.

Myth #5

To our male-dominated society, this has extended to include any independent women who dares to dye her hair multi-coloured, pierce anything visible (or invisible, as the case may be), or dare to put any ink on her porcelain pure skin. I vote for this one, I love my piercings and tattoos and if that is what it means to be lesbian, then brother, stand aside because I am uber-lezzie.

Myth #6

Lesbians wear wifebeaters (otherwise known as sleeveless vests). Again, thank you L-Word and more specifically, thank you Shane. (Is there any bigger modern stereotype?)

Myth #7

Lezzies wear white Calvin Kleins (which I think is actually a bit more of a trend than we give it credit for).

Myth #8

All lesbians hate men (and Lesbians are all feminists). I am sure that our male friends would be surprised about this (but then again, who says we are not keeping them in our circle for some evil purpose to take over the world).

Myth #9

All homosexuals have “gaydar” and for some reason we should be able to ascertain someones sexual orientation from something as little as a description or a photo. This is not true and I can vouch for the fact that my girlfriend’s gaydar is horrible. If she had to travel according to gaydar she would eternally be lost.

Myth #10

All lesbians love K.D. Lang (I would be hard pressed to name a single song, but who am I to argue with a world of wisdom).

Myth #11

Homosexuality is catching. I am sure there is more than one mommy out there who feels her poor little girl should not be near a lesbian, because just in case our contagious disease is airborne.

Myth #12

Lesbians love sport. Looking at me this is an absolute myth, because you couldn’t get me asleep faster. On the other hand, my girlfriend could prove this myth. This is up to personal judgement and I know I’m probably a minority out there.

There are many myths out there, as is blatantly clear, a lot of them utterly nonsensical. Please feel free to add any we might have missed. After all, lesbians are not supposed to be too smart... ha ha

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