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Female ejaculation – and we’re not taking the piss…

This, to those experienced in this mystical action and those woefully inexperienced, is considered the height of womanly pleasure. And please please please, should this have happened to you, don’t you dare feel embarrassed. There are a lot of us who are dreadfully jealous of you lucky bitches…

Women produce quite large quantities of body fluids during sex, especially in a highly aroused state over an extended period.

The Female Prostate

The female prostate, together with the urethra (the tube which connects the bladder to the outside of the body) and vagina are actually part of a solid structure. Reinier De Graaf was the first person to describe the female prostate in Western medicine in 1672. He described it as a collection of functional glands and ducts surrounding the female urethra. According to him the glands produced pituitoserous juice, which basically means a thick mucous that is pale yellow or transparent.

The female prostate actually lies within the wall, along the length of the urethra. It is actually part of the urethral wall, which in turn is contained within the vaginal wall. It is a relatively small organ about the size of a woman’s thumb.

So what is the purpose of the female prostate?

Little is known about the actual function of the female prostate and the role it plays in our body. It is currently considered to have two main functions. The first is to produce and store prostatic fluids and the second is to release hormones into the blood stream.

What do we ejaculate?

Female ejaculate is a fluid that is expelled through the urethra during sex. When released in smaller quantities it may be a clear, milky or somewhat yellowish mucous-like fluid. As the amount ejaculated increases, the fluid becomes more like clear water. In small quantities it may be concentrated with a distinct musky smell, but in increased amounts there is less to no scent.

Ejaculated fluid is not urine, even though they might share some substances.

Women who ejaculate have reported that the colour, smell and even the taste of the fluid vary from event to event. It is perfectly safe to taste ejaculate (be it your own or that of your partner), but should not be done when practicing safe sex. Some women also report that their menstrual cycle influences the consistency of the fluid ejaculated, as will what you eat and drink. Some women report it is sometimes clear and odourless and other times thick and pungent.

Who ejaculates?

All women produce ejaculate even if they are not aware of it. The fluid may seep out and mix unnoticed with other body fluids rather than being a distinctive gush of liquid during sexual activity. The prostate probably contributes regularly to the moisture present at the vulva.

How Much Liquid Is Ejaculated?

The quantity of the liquid can vary from women to women. While some report a few drops others lay claim to as much as two cups.

What is the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is said to be an area, highly sensitised, within the female prostate or located further back along the urethra.

A woman who is not sexually aroused may not have a prominent or visible G-Spot. When that same woman is highly aroused and her prostate swollen, she might have an extremely distinct G-Spot.

Do not forget clitoral stimulation!

For many women the clitoris may hold the key to female ejaculation. Most women find it hard to become highly aroused without clitoral stimulation. If a woman is not heavily aroused her prostate may not fill with the necessary increased amounts of fluid. If her prostate is not swollen her G-Spot may not be accessible. Therefore, should there not be the necessary clitoral stimulation to arouse the G-Spot, there can be no ejaculation.

How do you stimulate the prostate?

The best tool to use are your fingers. They are firm, flexible and sensitive. Should you however wish to explore, there is no reason why a dildo (especially those specifically created for G-spot stimulation) should not happily be pulled into the play. Knowing your own body is key and it helps to know where your own erogenous zones are in order to guide your partner to the correct spots.

Can you learn to ejaculate?

Of course! Try to empty your bladder first, as you might develop a feeling similar to wanting to go to the bathroom. Ejaculation may in some women not occur without the prostate or urethra being stimulated. If you are self-servicing, it might be necessary to use a dildo to stimulate your urethra. As you massage the clitoris, stimulate your urethra by massaging the top of the vagina by using only light pressure at first. Massage the full length of your urethra, from the opening back into your vagina. Keep up the clitoral massage. Try different pressures and strokes, what works for one person may not be exactly what another needs. You might feel the urge to let your bladder go. Do not fight the urge, go with the flow, literally. Relax and breathe deeply. And enjoy!!

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